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Artefacts Gallery

Artefacts provide us with many wonderful memory devices as they incite our imaginations to go far back into the depths of time, to a place where our thoughts may never have been before. On another level, artefacts also possess an invaluable worth when they provide sound evidence supporting a people's pre-historic existence while revealing their behaviours, artistic values, and so much more - a presence which itself may not have otherwise been realized, except perhaps through folklore alone. In which case, artefacts prove their worth yet again by augmenting a people's lore. Hence, the insights these venerated objects impart are like precious beads on string, whereby each one reveals another element of a larger story emerging from time immemorial.

By studying the various epochs of a culture, one is able to fashion some form of explanation that speaks to how individual and collective existences come to manifest across time. With this holistic continuum in mind our generation gives praise to our ancestors; we praise them for their will and ingenuity to establish and maintain a sustainable way of life, of which we are but an extension.

In addition to this praise, we also acknowledge that our generation is beholden to future generations to shape out of our current circumstances the necessary requirements to live and prosper, and to do so with dignity and respect within our own lands, just as our ancestors had done. Therefore, we shall faithfully endeavour to keep alive our story - a story that speaks of the Creator gracing us with this land from which our forebearers so gloriously emerged, flourished, and shared with others.

So it is in this spirit that we offer up this virtual artefact gallery for all to consider and enjoy. It is but a small, yet significant glimpse into our story, as told through our ancestors' efficient tools, beautiful weaves, and ceremonial objects.

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No. 1 - Seated Human Figure Bowls (Replicas)

These masterpieces of pecked stone were likely to have been used for ceremonial purposes, perhaps in the preparation of special oils or paints. They appear to be a person cradling a bowl in their lap. Those items shown here have been casted from the originals for preservation and display purposes.

Courtesy of Maple Ridge Museum Collection

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